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 The Once Timid Networker Radio Show with Tara Schmakel & Lee Abraham
 BPI Podcast -  Money On the Table with Dr. Ivan Misner & Lee Abraham
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Experts Write Books!  
Need help writing yours? FAST180 Press specializes in co-authored books and turning business experts into published authors.

Make your expertise visible and maximize your impact as a trainer, mentor or coach by writing your own personalized foreword to Money on the Table and we will put YOUR NAME on the cover as a contributor along with co-authors Dr. Ivan Misner and Lee Abraham.

As the leader (and trainer) of your networking group, or the manager of a sales force, the Money on the Table book and online training program is a powerful, repeatable system you can follow to either build your own Power Team or train others to build theirs.

Personalized Foreword Contributors also receive:
»»» Your name on the cover as a contributor along with co-authors Dr. Ivan Misner and Lee Abraham. Your color photo, contact information and "Call to Action" on the back cover.
»»» One full page to write your own foreword to Money on the Table book. We can help write and edit or you can take it and run with it!
»»» One full page you can customize for dedications and acknowledgements.
»»» One full page you can customize to promote your business, organization or networking group.
»»» A turn key, professionally written book you can use as a powerful promotional gift for speaking engagements, clients, prospects and associates to build relationships, grow your personal brand, train your network or sales force, and increase your credibility as an expert.
»»» FREE access to our Power Team Leadership Training Webinars and FAST180 Podcasts to sharpen your leadership, networking and communication skills to master the Money on the Table Referral System™

"Being an author or contributor to a published book is one of the most powerful ways to increase credibility as an expert. However, there are many people with legitimate expertise who do not have the time, resources or necessary writing skills to become published authors; this "Co-Author" opportunity from Lee Abraham and FAST180 Press is the Ultimate Solution!" ~Dr. Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling Author and founder of BNI and Referral Institute.
Writing your personalized foreword is easy! As soon as we receive your order we will immediately respond with complete, step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use templates for your contributions. Take it and run with it or let us help with writing or editing. Either way, our goal is to help articulate your unique message and support your referral networking success!
Book Quantity Options
A portion of proceeds from private printing runs of Money on the Table
are donated to the BNI-Misner Charitable Foundation.