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Referral System

All of the worksheets referenced in the book can be found here:

10 Key Question Worksheet™
Clarify articulation of your differentiated value proposition and description of your targeted prospects and help your Power Team partners give compelling testimonials and create more powerful referrals

Connector to Creator Worksheet™
Identify specific Target
Markets and strategic Key Situations that are productive referral circumstances for your business category and industry group

Then, align your targeted prospects with the 6 Key Situations to uncover hidden referral sources from business categories and industry groups that appear to have no obvious connection to your products or services. Also identify audio and visual cues you want your networking partners to recognize as tell-tale markings of your targeted prospects

Power Team Action Grid™

Uncover new learning opportunities
for easier recognition of your Power Team's targeted prospects

Gain deeper insight into your networking partner's differentiated value proposition to consistently give powerful, compelling testimonials
Review and implement practical cross-promotion strategies to increase the number and quality of referrals exchanged with each Power Team partner.

Power Team Report Card™
Exercise effective leadership and increase the number and quality of referrals flowing thru your networking group using the Power Team Report Card™ to guide your networking partners in an ongoing, objective self-evaluation on their implementation and performance of 20 Best Practices for structured business networking.

Power Team Roster Worksheet
Quickly and easily analyze your Power Team's opportunities and challenges based on the strengths and weaknesses of the group's size and balance of business categories among the six contact spheres

GAINS Profile
Learn important details about your Power Team partners' Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks and Skills to uncover new business networking and referral opportunities

GAINS Profile Quiz
Test your knowledge of each Power Team partner's Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks and Skills

Power Team Flyer
  This flyer can be used for general promotion of your Power Team 

  Key Situation Flyers

This library of Key Situation Flyer templates gives you a running head start on creating one or more customized promotional flyers for your Power Team. Each of the templates below is a persona based, target marketed flyer promoting common business categories from all six industry groups, with each of the Power Team partners' specific benefit to the targeted prospect clearly stated.

Download the Key Situation Flyers that work for you and make them your own!

Key Situation Flyer Tip #1:
It is recommended to only show business categories rather than the name of a specific business or person. This gives you maximum flexibility as your Power Team roster changes over time.

Key Situation Flyer Tip #2:
Only list your contact information, NOT your networking partners'. Be sure to include your business card stapled to the flyer (where indicated). In addition to maximum flexibility, all calls will now come to you. Not only does this enable you to develop additional rapport with the person calling and keep track of the referral, but you also increase top-of-mind awareness as a problem solver as a result of the short telephone conversation.

Additional bonus: you can now follow up with your Power Team partner who is receiving the referral, increasing the visibility of your networking activity, the depth of your relationship and the probability of receiving referrals in return.

Key Situation Flyer Library 

Power Team Networking Overview
Business Builder
Getting Healthy
Getting Married
New Baby
Real Estate