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Power Team Certified 101

Ideal for referral groups and sales managers, Power Team Certified 101 gives you and your team personalized one-to-one coaching and group training with Lee Abraham, co-author of Money on the Table, Referrals in the Bank.

Comprised of three 90-minute group sessions and two private, one-to-one online meetings with Lee, all participants will complete the training with a personalized action plan to create more referrals for their Power Team Partners and also receive more referrals in return.


PTC 101 Training Materials ($99.50/person - minimum 2)

Includes a Power Team Roadmap™ workbook with 16 step-by-step lesson plans, a 2 disc DVD set with 29 instructional videos, and a copy of Money on the Table, Referrals in the Bank

PTC 101 Training Materials Power Team Starter Kit

($247.50 total/$49.50/person)

5 Sets of Roadmap Workbooks, DVDs and Money on the Table Books 

PTC 101 Multiple Sets

PTC 101 Accelerated Group Trainings
($500 – Flat rate regardless of group size)

Series of 3, live 90 minute group training webinars engineered to maximize implementation as a group and benefit to the individual members. Essentially, this training series guides participants through the “Boot Camp” and “Bragging Buddy” phases of Power Team Development. 

A key element of this series is the completion of a Power Team Roster Success Worksheet™ which analyzes the strengths and challenges of the networking group's roster to uncover opportunities to grow the group and maximize referrals for the members. PTC 101 Accelerated is only available to participants who have purchased the self-paced training materials. 

(NOTE: 3 members or fewer from a BNI Chapter can join with another group, however 4 or more from the same Chapter must have their own group)

PTC 101 Mastery 1-to-1 Coaching ($200/person)

Two very specialized 1 hour, private coaching sessions that go deep into personalizing the material we cover during the 3 group sessions. Essentially these sessions focus on how to train your networking partners to easily recognize referral opportunities for you and consistently give compelling testimonials about you that help a prospect like, trust and want to do business with you. PTC 101 Mastery is only available to participants who have purchased the self-paced training materials.  

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